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Given the working environment, harsh meteorological conditions and the type of work performed, operations at sea present hazards to people and to equipment. Handling heavy objects and moving loads, live cables, workshops, etc. is what people in this profession have to deal with every day.

Ensuring and enhancing safety is a priority for the IOTA SURVEY management.

We have three guiding principles:
 Fundamental actions : risk knowledge and analysis, identification of accident causes
  (statistics), monitoring of the recommendations of benchmark organisations.
 Preventive measures : training, raising of awareness among staff, particularly promoting an
  unwavering respect for personal safety and rules.
 Field actions : improvement of worksite procedures, inspection of the conditions of use of
  certain equipment, condition of equipment, improvement of interfaces between the various
  people involved in operations: support vessel, technicians, sailors, divers.
  Making the supervisory staff accountable for safety conditions, which must be an absolute
  priority on offshore worksites, for the company staff as well as for the Client, subcontractors
  or third parties.

IOTA SURVEY staff is trained for marine operations and regularly attend offshore safety training programmes. They are required to apply the safety instructions of both IOTA SURVEY and the Client.

Protecting the environment and preserving marine life, whether offshore or in coastal or harbour areas, are major objectives for the IOTA SURVEY management. The internal prevention and control policy relies on the strict application of the recommendations of the MARPOL convention and the IMCA, or local regulations.

As a result, IOTA SURVEY’s offshore activities have never, since its creation in 1996, caused any environmental pollution.

The oceanographic measurement equipment used from naval vessels is non-polluting and has no negative impact on the environment.

The entire IOTA SURVEY staff has awareness about the issue of pollution, accidental or intentional, regardless of the operation carried out and/or the location of the worksite.

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